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Gave it a Let's Play

Thanks for playing. There has been some confusion between the "Squidwards Suicide.exe" and "Saquidward's Fate". We have changed it from "Squidwards Suicide" to "Saquidward's Fate"
It usess the creepypasta reference story .


Pretty spooky game you got here. I'm upset that I got caught by a jumpscare. I really enjoyed the game and hope to see it continued. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction.

The game is amazing, graphics are awesome. 

This is my gameplay in portuguese

Totally LOVE this one... SpongeBob horror and CreepyPasta are undefeated.


Thanks for playing. We will be doing an update very soon adding a new scene. We hope to get it out by Halloween. Please stay tuned

It is what I expected for a CreepyPasta based game

the game looks so good. but i cant download it. can some one help

Whats wrong. Why can you not download it

OMG! Can’t wait for more!

woah this looks amazing! do you mind emailing me when the full version comes out? i plan on making this the first gameplay video on my yt channel. update me!

If have subscribed to KirleyGames channel and have the bell, to be notifed of the next upload it will have the full game trailer.

Thanks man!

Man this was great so weird but cool, thanks 

Great job :)

Let me know when it's fully released. E-mail me and I'll do a video!

I will do. There will be a trailer on KirleyGames's channel.


Thanks for playing the game. The red mist update will be out very soon.

Awesome Work Dev. ;)